MVP Beaker V2 Competition Disc Golf Bag

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Lime Green

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Revamped and ready to hit the ground running, the Beaker V2 is an ideal practice or second bag. Holding 15-18 discs in total, the Beaker V2 hits the sweet spot for carrying capacity, while the high-quality 900D Polyester fabric provides the durability players desire. Complete with an insulated drink holder, hard-shell bottom, and 4 grid track stabilizing feet, the Beaker V2 is a highly portable bag that can handle the elements.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rick V
Dang Good Bag for 15 or so Discs!

I can get about 13 discs in the bag (stacked front to back) plus 2 drivers in the side pocket, for a total of about 15 discs. I carry 3 to 5 putters, 3 to 5 midrange/fairways, and 3 to 5 drivers depending on the course. Drink holder and side pockets are good as is the adjustable shoulder strap. I keep looking at backpack style bags, but when I think about it I really don't need anything more than the MVP Beaker V2! Quality and durability are good. I carry it in snow, mud, rain, and wind and it still looks good and does it's job.


Way smaller than I expected. Gave to friend that is just starting out. Bag has nice features.

Anthony Tassone (California, United States)
High Quality Small Bag

I really enjoy this bag. It has a lot of room for a small bag, I am able to hold 2 discs in the putter slot, and then 12 discs comfortable in the main slot (I put my discs left to right, not top to bottom), and can put in a 13th disc if necessary. I also am able to put a 32 oz water bottle in the water bottle slot and the main pocket for putting accessories is a good amount. I have had 2 over travel bags (small bags) recently the Innova standard bag, and the Rogue Iron Discs bag. I think this is a better bag then the Innova bag, because it can hold more discs (2 or 3) and has similar storage, and can also hold a bigger water bottle. The Rogue Iron Disc bag is a higher quality bag than the MVP Beaker, and can hold similar number of discs, but it has a couple negatives. The water bottle holder is mesh and so it isn't as firm around the water bottle as this one is (but it gives more flexibility to the water bottle). The Rouge Iron is also made to be adjustable for the number of discs, so the 3 compartments can be moved down to 1 compartment. This causes a issue with the putter pouch because the snaps can occasionally make it a little annoying to get the discs in and out as it gets caught on the snap. Not a big deal in the end, but just something the note. The biggest issue is that the storage is just not that great compared to this bag and the Innova one. It has a storage pouch but it just is really limiting overall. I can't talk about the long term hold up of this bag as I have only had it for a few weeks, but so far I have no issues with it.

Repent (Minnesota, United States)
Serves a purpose

This bag serves a purpose for those throwing 10-12 discs. Only one putter fits in the front pouch. Two putters fit in the side pouch. Perfect for winter rounds when you’re limited to basic plastics/minimal bag load. FYI, the bag image on the website is misleading. The discs do fit as depicted but, are intended to be placed perpendicular to what the image shows.


Perfect bag complete with the functions I need to get started in disc golf.

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