ZUCA Disc Golf Cart Top Mount Gear Basket


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Great for carrying odd-sized items that do not fit in your ZÜCA Cart. Offers easy access to items when reaching your destination. Conveniently carries additional bags or backpacks.

Gloss black powder coat finish. Made in U.S.A. Light assembly.
Compatible with ZÜCA All-Terrain, Disc Golf & Sport models.

Dimensions: 9"H x 21"W x 15"D

Customer Reviews

Based on 156 reviews
Sharknado (Minnesota, United States)
Nice to have and fits in the car!

Got this during the sale, decided it was about time I got a cart even though I suck! It's nice and easy to pull around, I haven't filled it to the brim yet though so maybe the extra weight might affect overall usage. The Go Cart didn't fit in my sedan trunk but the Transit Cart does. I'm 5'4" so its a tad high when sitting but I use it more as a resting post.

The only thing and update I wish for is a bag with a strap for when the course isn't cart friendly or when playing a quick round. The water bottle holders are flimsy and feels like they'll break any second, looks like you can replace them with any bike style water bottle mount. Plan to put full metal ones on if the stock ones break. I just keep a jug of water in the disk area atm since I don't run 25 discs.


The right part for a great price

Ben Gillis
Overall works well.

These saddle bags work well, but could use some minor improvements to make it better.
Once the bags have weight in them, it tends to slide to the back of the cart when being pulled -even with the center piece attached to the cart box handle with the Velcro sewn into the seat of the saddle bags.
I purchased some Velcro straps to attach the front of the seat cover to the seat to prevent it from shifting.
The cutout for the seat handle doesn’t exactly line up with the cart.
The non-insulated bag has a clip attachment rather than a zipper which prevents the outside pocket from being accessed when it is buckled closed. That outside pocket could do without the zipper or modified to be accessed when the bag is closed.
Having weight in one bag and not the other causes it to shift to one side.
The saddle bags make accessing the bags on the side of the cart impossible if you strap down the bottom of the saddle bags. This helps with the shifting, but makes the sides of the cart difficult to access. It would be nice to be able to attach the bottom of the saddle bags to the same point as the top of the bag. A second D ring on the seat cover would allow this.
Definitely the best option for expanding your cart storage, and could be perfect with the modifications mentioned above.

Alan K. (Minnesota, United States)
Putter pouch sling…

New to the cart game but I like it so far. I like the idea of being able to zip it up after the round so the discs don’t spill out in the trunk. The pencil/marker holders could be a bit tighter, my sharpie falls out when in my trunk but seems to stay okay on the course.

Rob Shelton (Michigan, United States)

Great well made cart. Solidly made frame and nice durable bag. Ordered right before Christmas and these guys were the only ones that said they could to me on time and actually do it. Ordered one from another big website and after my order was placed they changed the delivery time to a week later than promised so I canceled and ordered from gotta go throw.

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