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I knew I had to have this disc, and boy was I not disappointed. This disc instantly bumped me up into the 1050 gang with my buddy Vinny and Birdie Mayhem. I really think Simon Liesalot should get this disc so he can start to throw far like us.


I love this disc. We’re a group of 6 old ladies and this disc works very well for all of us. I can throw it pretty straight, add a curve, or make her Annie. I can throw this approximately 200 feet and I’m 65.

Zach is wrong

Best approach disc you will find. It’s like a pig but even stickier. If you don’t know how to use it (like Zach) you probably won’t like it. Used correctly theirs nothing better

ZUCA Transit Disc Golf Cart
Sharknado (Minnesota, United States)
Nice to have and fits in the car!

Got this during the sale, decided it was about time I got a cart even though I suck! It's nice and easy to pull around, I haven't filled it to the brim yet though so maybe the extra weight might affect overall usage. The Go Cart didn't fit in my sedan trunk but the Transit Cart does. I'm 5'4" so its a tad high when sitting but I use it more as a resting post.

The only thing and update I wish for is a bag with a strap for when the course isn't cart friendly or when playing a quick round. The water bottle holders are flimsy and feels like they'll break any second, looks like you can replace them with any bike style water bottle mount. Plan to put full metal ones on if the stock ones break. I just keep a jug of water in the disk area atm since I don't run 25 discs.

Innova XT Nova Putter Golf Disc
Customer (Minnesota, United States)
Amazing Approach Disc

Amazing disc if you want a great 70-200 foot approach shot that sits where it hits where it hits. It is also really good for running the basket for a throw in. So in summary if you want an amazing approach disc then I recommend the nova.

Innova Champion Mako3 Midrange Golf Disc
Lewis Mcnaughton (Kansas, United States)
The phenomenal Mako 3

Super controllable. Getting more distance thank I expected without more power

Revolution Deluxe Mini Disc Golf Bag
Joel Hamami (Florida, United States)
It’s nearly my dream bag

I had to downsize from my large bag because I like my bag to be around 15 discs.

It is a spectacular bag, so well made and so light. Fits 15 discs like a breeze. Can get it up to 18, but that’s with no extra storage for anything but discs.

I took it out 3 times with the included shoulder strap before I got a kink in my neck that wrecked me for a week. Unless you have 5 discs in there or you’re young and indestructible like I was 10 years ago, the shoulder strap is not sustainable. A revolution backpack strap at +$90 is just too much. I would like to see an option to upgrade to the backpack with the purchase of the mini bag for like $50 in place of the shoulder strap (I think that’s fair, the mini + backpack straps shouldn’t be the same price as the Carolina). I bought an aftermarket strap on amazon for $30, and it completed the bag.

The last thing I would like to see in a future model is another storage location. Maybe a zipper pocket inside one of the side zipper pockets. I use both sides open for discs, and could use a designated pocket that closes for my phone wallet keys. I don’t wanna pull a disc out and have my wallet sneak out too. Or even if one of the single disc sized slots had a flap on it that I trusted wouldn’t open if my bag tipped over.

Y’all have a fantastic product here, my feedback here is with love and a genuine interest in helping you build an even better product in the future. Keep doin what you’re doin.

My favorite Harness

This harness came with my Carolina Team Bag. I have been using the Harness for 7 weeks now and have used it on both the Carolina Team bag the Deluxe Mini(Yes its fits on the Mini!)
I can't say enough good about these straps! I have been watching for a while now in hopes that they are sold as an individual item so that I can buy a 2nd set.

I'm sure the price will seem high to some folks but I assure you these are worth it. I prefer the added width and firmness that these straps have over my Pound Octohaul straps.

The material on the outside as well as the foam inside leave me comfortable in having great confidence in saying that I expect them to last a VERY long time.
They have very long webbing to allow for all sorts of different adjustments. Folks of all different builds, short and tall, should be able to get a comfortable fit.

This is by far the most comfortable harness strap system I have ever used and I will be using these on any future harness style bag that I review.
Thanks for such a great product! I will recommend these to anyone that is in search of THE BEST in comfort and durability.

Revolution Dual Pack Backpack Disc Golf Bag
Chaska J (Minnesota, United States)
Built to last

I will start by saying that I purchased this bag in late November and have yet to utilize it on the course. With that said I have done quite a bit of research on bags and this one stood out as American made and if highest quality. Everything about this bag is tough. Double stitched, strong zipper track/pulls and reinforced bottom . I can not wait to this bag out on the course and will report back with additional reviews once I have done so.

Innova Star Shryke Distance Driver Golf Disc

Revolution Carolina Team Disc Golf Bag V1
Mike Woodman (California, United States)
Revolution Carolina Team Bag!!!

Great disc golf bag will ample capacity for discs and has very comfortable shoulder straps and is padded where it sits on your back. Seems lighter than it should be loaded full of discs compared to my old Gateway Touring bag. Couldn't be happier this bag is way better, in my opinion, than all those other newer "backpack style bags". "Backpacks are for kids!!!" This is a real OG quality disc golf bag.


Great disc for any level player.
And disc shipped extremely fast.

A lefties dream driver

Man this disc sails so true! Starts off fast and straight with a slow bank to the left and is a true 1 fade to the right just enough to be true and right on the finish. Southpaw thrower!

It's a putter but my favorite approach disc

This disc works wonders for approach shots. I used to make fun of my friend for having one until I gave it a whirl. It has a nice rubber rim so its perfect for those short approaches and also great for those 50-50 puts since if you miss it will stick right when it hits.

When thrown it doesn't bounce / skip too far from where it lands due to the rubber rim. Perfect for those layup shots or when you have to worry about it skipping or rolling somewhere bad.

InZone Disc Golf Kwik-Stik XXL Golf Disc Retriever
David King (Colorado, United States)
Great Idea, Needs Better Design

The idea is great, but like several people, I lost my attachment quickly. I did not receive any instructions with the XXL, and had some large washers that made know sense as to their use reference the design. I torqued the attachment and nut as much as reasonable, but had to keep tightening it over and over. I eventually lost it in muddy water. While it worked, it was very good at trapping the disc and allowing it to be retrieved. I have since learned that some do come with instructions that highly recommend you put Loc-Tite on the threads of the attachment. Would have been nice to know.

Axiom Pro HD 24-Chain Disc Golf Basket
E.K. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Axiom Pro HD - An Excellent Basket

This is an excellent basket - solid build, easy to assemble/disassemble, perfect for practicing putts, and the basket stands out (I purchased a red basket). My Axiom Pro HD was delivered quickly and in perfect condition. Some folks complain about the chains being very loud, but they sound quite normal to me. A great home basket if you’re looking to replicate a course basket.

GGGT Go Cart Disc Golf Cart
Jeremy Kirk (Vermont, United States)
Awesome, rugged, most modifiable cart.

Customer service is five out of five stars all the time. The cart itself is awesome. It would’ve gotten a five star rating if it had sealed bearings and solid Tube Tires which are standard on other carts and it’s price range.

Kastaplast K3 Hard Berg Putter Golf Disc
C.G. (Minnesota, United States)
great handfeel

This is a very unique disc both feel and flight. I actually really like the K3 firm plastic it is stiff and grippy

Great Bag!

When I first got this bag I was a bit surprised by the size, because it's quite a bit larger than the Trooper that many people use.

I really like the wider straps, they sit further out on my shoulders making it quite comfortable, as well as easier to slip on and off. The large knobby feet on the bag provide great stability when set down on an uneven surface, which is great!

My favorite part overall is the pockets that run up the back of the bag and the sides of the bag. I can carry bug spray, sunscreen, an extra towel, or even an extra shirt without even realizing it's with me. The disc pockets on the back carry the 3-6 discs I am using most often, usually a putter or 2, 2 fairway drivers or mids, and a driver or 2.

The cooler in the bag is great, keeps a 6 pack nice and cold most of the day, although I don't use it very often. I figured for an extra $15, it's worth having. I use the cooler more to bring cold ones over to buddies' houses than on the course. Buy this bag, it will last a long time, provide a great experience, and look nice the whole time!



This is it...

This cart is head and shoulders above the rest.... It is easy to maneuver both up and down hills and through tough terrain... The comfort level can not be approach by any single stick cart... It sits more like a chair and a single rod that is tough to relax against and often breaks and strips itself out when and adjustment is made... lots of room for plenty of discs.. The backing has a putter pouch and room for score cards, pencils, minis... I attached a small disc golf on the back for more storage and have hardly noticed it was there... You can not go wrong with this cart.... If said innova, discraft, or dynamic disc on it you would be getting run over by them at the course.... I have gotten tons of questions and comments on it from all over.. The biggest compliment is when I finish driving and com back to find someone with a single stick cart setting on mine...

Simply Magik Consider grabbing this!

I’m not sure why I gravitated to this when I first saw it for sale here at G3. maybe it was the nerd in me seeing a ‘first run/last run’. yeah, unique things and whatnot. but anywho, I’m not here to talk about me.
This putter flies almost true straight, wind doesn’t matter if your aiming to make it. doesn’t have a crazy roll away or awkward smack off of the rim when you miss that circle2. when it spins, the chains f grab to and want to hold it. not sure if this will translate into the colder times of year though? but I think I keep my bag pretty warm up until the round. but I don’t throw it down all willy nilly?! lol

to conclude, and offer transparency and full disclosure. I m another one of us. live in a city with a small backyard. basket on one side by the shed, before the back deck around the shed under a giant tree. penncross creeping bent grass putting green across the way, over hostas, lilies, aniris, vegetable garden, and the 3tier fountain. and I usually putt with the true classic. Aviar. I drift from KC to DX, but truly prefer the champion. all at 175g.

so this 175g thing I bought on a whim, has smacked birdies. giving me confidence. I actually got an ace on the first day I used this as my putter. on a whim. because while I warmed up, this beast just kept grabbing the chains.

and the chains hugged it back…

Westside Discs Noble Backpack Disc Golf Bag
Customer (California, United States)
best bag of 2022

Ive had a few disc golf bags over the last 10 years that i have loved and hated. This bag has all the things i love and is the most durable i have seen. I have been playing with the bag for about 2 weeks now and it has exceeded all my other bags. I give it a huge thumbs up and definitely recommend this bag for all levels of players.

First ace with this disc

Awesome disc that flies the way I throw it (which isn’t always accurate but what can you do). Got my first ace with it the first course I was throwing with it. 124 ft.

No Gator

I've used several retrievers and this one is ok. Is not very durable, mine cracked where the 2nd thinnest section met the 3rd after about 30 retrievals.. I am still able to use it but its just shorter. It lasted longer than the kwick stick which is made of metal. I was suprised by that. I got about 12 retrievals out of the Kwick stick.. The Kwick stick is just a golf ball retriever with a different head and can not take any current, side motion or the drag of retrieving a disc in water. It broke where the thickest section met the 2nd thickest section. I had to use a hose clamp to keep it together to still use it but its shorter as well. The disc gator I made 60+ retrievals and when a section of the pole broke it was simple to replace it and still gets full lenght. It does take a bit longer to assemble but its more accurate, grips the disc well, and holds up to water current that the other retrievers can't handle. The retriever companies claim that these will save you $ but most retrievals made with them i could have found a stick or took my shoes off to get. I feel like the gator made some retrievals that the dryve or Kwick stick would not have held up to and many more quality retrievals before it broke. It was repairable after the break where the other 2 had to ge rigged so im partial to the gator.