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I knew I had to have this disc, and boy was I not disappointed. This disc instantly bumped me up into the 1050 gang with my buddy Vinny and Birdie Mayhem. I really think Simon Liesalot should get this disc so he can start to throw far like us.

Zach is wrong

Best approach disc you will find. It’s like a pig but even stickier. If you don’t know how to use it (like Zach) you probably won’t like it. Used correctly theirs nothing better

The phenomenal Mako 3

Super controllable. Getting more distance thank I expected without more power

My favorite Harness

This harness came with my Carolina Team Bag. I have been using the Harness for 7 weeks now and have used it on both the Carolina Team bag the Deluxe Mini(Yes its fits on the Mini!)
I can't say enough good about these straps! I have been watching for a while now in hopes that they are sold as an individual item so that I can buy a 2nd set.

I'm sure the price will seem high to some folks but I assure you these are worth it. I prefer the added width and firmness that these straps have over my Pound Octohaul straps.

The material on the outside as well as the foam inside leave me comfortable in having great confidence in saying that I expect them to last a VERY long time.
They have very long webbing to allow for all sorts of different adjustments. Folks of all different builds, short and tall, should be able to get a comfortable fit.

This is by far the most comfortable harness strap system I have ever used and I will be using these on any future harness style bag that I review.
Thanks for such a great product! I will recommend these to anyone that is in search of THE BEST in comfort and durability.

It’s nearly my dream bag

I had to downsize from my large bag because I like my bag to be around 15 discs.

It is a spectacular bag, so well made and so light. Fits 15 discs like a breeze. Can get it up to 18, but that’s with no extra storage for anything but discs.

I took it out 3 times with the included shoulder strap before I got a kink in my neck that wrecked me for a week. Unless you have 5 discs in there or you’re young and indestructible like I was 10 years ago, the shoulder strap is not sustainable. A revolution backpack strap at +$90 is just too much. I would like to see an option to upgrade to the backpack with the purchase of the mini bag for like $50 in place of the shoulder strap (I think that’s fair, the mini + backpack straps shouldn’t be the same price as the Carolina). I bought an aftermarket strap on amazon for $30, and it completed the bag.

The last thing I would like to see in a future model is another storage location. Maybe a zipper pocket inside one of the side zipper pockets. I use both sides open for discs, and could use a designated pocket that closes for my phone wallet keys. I don’t wanna pull a disc out and have my wallet sneak out too. Or even if one of the single disc sized slots had a flap on it that I trusted wouldn’t open if my bag tipped over.

Y’all have a fantastic product here, my feedback here is with love and a genuine interest in helping you build an even better product in the future. Keep doin what you’re doin.


Great disc for any level player.
And disc shipped extremely fast.


I love this disc. We’re a group of 6 old ladies and this disc works very well for all of us. I can throw it pretty straight, add a curve, or make her Annie. I can throw this approximately 200 feet and I’m 65.

Axiom Pro HD - An Excellent Basket

This is an excellent basket - solid build, easy to assemble/disassemble, perfect for practicing putts, and the basket stands out (I purchased a red basket). My Axiom Pro HD was delivered quickly and in perfect condition. Some folks complain about the chains being very loud, but they sound quite normal to me. A great home basket if you’re looking to replicate a course basket.

Great Dyeing plastic!

Was purchased as a custom dye job gift, and it turned out amazing. Neutron plastic is great to dye. I unfortunately have not had the pleasure of throwing this disc as I had to give it away.

It is your destiny

This disc glides for days, and fades with a lot of speed and forward push. May be a bit too understandable for beef cakes but perfect for someone who throws in the 350 ft range max drivers normally.

Great bag

This bag was much nicer than I expected and has held up great. The panels are fairly difficult to put in but once they are in it is much stronger. The customer service is also top notch! Definitely recommend!!

Fantastic Addition for Water Courses

All the courses near me have some water hazards, with the two closest having water on at least half the holes. I finally got this to help, as long sticks are hard to come by and wading in the water gets repetitive and time consuming. The double hook makes it easy to grab the disc and it does extend to a full 16', easily reaching all usual water hazards. It is light weight and telescopes into a compact size easily. It is an invaluable addition when your home course includes lots of water.

One Disc Wonder! 🤩

I decided to take this to starring lake today to see if I could play the whole course with just this disc and I wasn't disappointed. If you throw it, it continues on any line you put on it. This has to be the straightest disc I have ever thrown. I love throwing turnovers with it as well, and it's great for putting! Just buy this one disc and you can play a whole round with it!

Awesome, rugged, most modifiable cart.

Customer service is five out of five stars all the time. The cart itself is awesome. It would’ve gotten a five star rating if it had sealed bearings and solid Tube Tires which are standard on other carts and it’s price range.

Longest flying driver I have thrown

This driver regularly went about 10 feet farther than my Wraith or any other driver I own. It's a bit flippier than the Wraith though, so I always needed to start it on a solid hyzer line. I bought a Shryke in Champion plastic too. The Champion was even more understable, which made it less reliable for me than the Star version.

Clear Stamp is stunning

The new clear stamp style is absolutely fantastic! The disc itself is solid, though less stable than the numbers would suggest, giving it a force turnover will see it fight out after a long panning flight, but requires a bit more height to get full flight this way. Solid when you learn how it flies but takes a bit of adjusting.

The Bees Knees

Really love throwing forehand approach shots with this disc and have gotten the feel for putting with it as well.

Scorch ESP

Pretty Sweet disc. It was crushing the first day I threw it. Just wish the color was a little cooler. Had a nice flip to it tho

Excellent stable putter

I purchased 74 of these for my April Fool's Disc Golf Event, and everyone that used them said how much they really liked them. They played very durably, and still flew, and looked, great.

Amazing plastic circles!!

Thank you for the two Luna’s! One is in the bag on and if for show! Thanks for reading the comment section of the order! Definitely got what I asked for!! Thanks again!!

Great headwind driver

Flys great against the wind, very predictable hyzer shot. Hoping to break it in eventually to get more of a flip shot out of it.

Great Plastic!!

I have a beat in, straight flying one and an over stable one. They fly nice and feel good in the hands. These and my Buzzz’s are the only mids I throw consistently! You can power up on them without having them flip on you! I missed an ace by 4 inches this past summer with my Tour Series Wasp.

Great putting putter

Bought this with the intention of a throwing putter but turns out I love it for putting


Can turn even more with some anheizer. This thing feels GREAT in the hand. so fun to throw. I find a use for this almost every time I hit the course. Flies super flat with tons of glide

Amazing Approach Disc

Amazing disc if you want a great 70-200 foot approach shot that sits where it hits where it hits. It is also really good for running the basket for a throw in. So in summary if you want an amazing approach disc then I recommend the nova.