MVP Black Hole Macro Mini Disc Golf Basket

$79.99 USD

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Expansion of the Black Hole universe continues with the new Black Hole Macro! MVP recently introduced the first overmolded macro golf disc, the Macro Tesla, to rave reviews of its flight and form factor. At 15cm disc diameter, GYRO overmolded Macro is actually throwable for kids and adults, begging the question - shall we Macro Disc Golf? The Black Hole Macro stands at 39" tall with an 18" diameter (99cm x 45cm) making it essentially a 3/4-scale disc golf basket! Throwing on a basket this size feels like a sport, not a toy game or miniaturization. With two tiers of 12 chains each, totaling 24 strands, the Black Hole Macro will not be letting good shots past. The form factor and construction are sourced from the familiar and trusted Black Hole® series, so you know it is produced and guaranteed to the highest standards. There's a reason the Black Hole® baskets have taken disc golf by storm, and now MVP is ready to simultaneously create and shake up Macro Disc Golf!

The Black Hole Macro is designed to be the best Macro Disc Golf basket on the market.

  • 39" height Macro Disc Basket with Black Hole style and engineering
  • Built for 15cm Macro discs
  • Seamless Matte Black color
  • Electrophoresced first stage followed with tough powder coated outer shell for extra durability and protection
  • Double chain tiered design with 24 macro scale strands
  • 12 outer and 12 inner chains with Black Hole equidistant orientation for zero weak pockets
  • 18" diameter
  • Standard Black Hole load distributed base
  • All metal construction, all joints welded
  • Assembles or disassembles in under 1 minute
  • Threaded tension connections for a sturdy assembly
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Ryan Harrington (Maine, United States)

    Great little room decor

    William Coar (Tennessee, United States)
    Looked like it was a great basket...

    I could tell it was a great basket because of what it must have gone through during UPS delivery. It was shipped to me by G3T in the original packing, a single layer of cardboard. I found it on my front porch with several large holes in the box and parts of the unassembled basket sticking out. The rim of the basket, which was a heavy steel wire, was bent straight for about 6 inches where it should have been rounded like the rest of the rim. The threaded stub of the base where the pole screws in was smashed down and stripped of the black powder coat, and the chastity belt up top looked like it was hit by a sharp, hard object and gashed. My basket looked like it was thrown around by gorillas, what else could damage steel like that. I give the basket five stars, but due to the condition it arrived in, I can give the packaging and delivery only one star. I've tried to repair it, but it still looks sad.

    Ryan Harrington (Maine, United States)

    Great little room decor

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