Prodigy Limited Edition 2021 Signature Series Austin Hannum 300 Soft A2 Approach Midrange Golf Disc

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The Prodigy Disc A2 is an over stable utility disc that fills the gap between midranges and putters. The A2 is perfect for power throwers who want to avoid the possibility of their shot turning over. The disc is consistent and reliable in all wind conditions and perfect for short, trick shots as well as high wind approach shots. The A2 is a beadless cousin to the A1 and will fly just slightly less stable than the A1. You can expect and extra 30 to 40 feet of glide than the A1.

Manufacturer's Flight Ratings:
Speed Glide Turn Fade
4 4 0 3

Joe's Universal Flight Chart:
2 +0.5 +3 3

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Tucker Johnson (Minnesota, United States)
Great A3

Flippier than my 400G A3, but it still has a good amount of finish.

J.B. (Minnesota, United States)
Absolute beefcake

I recently decided to try an A2 after years of bagging zones and A5s. I grabbed one in 500 plastic with a small dome. This disc is much more overstable than any zone I've thrown, but is still more controllable than than a super beefy mid like a justice. I can get more forward push with this than a justice, but when it hooks up it gets to the ground fast and likes to skip. I like to release on hyzer (FH and BH) so I prefer a zone for most approaches, but the A2 is much more trustworthy in the wind.

In terms of feel, it's shallower and has a slightly wider rim compared to a zone or A5. It did have some sharp flashing that I trimmed with a razor before throwing, but once that was gone it feels good for both forehand and backhand grips. I bought mine in person, and the amount dome varied quite a bit from disc to disc, even within the same plastic types (except for the baseline plastics, which were all flat). I found one that was pretty flat, but some of the domier ones didn't feel nearly as comfortable in my forehand grip. Having seen how much they vary, I wouldn't order one online, but overall I'm happy with the A2 I got.

C. (Georgia, United States)
Great Disc!

The A3 was my first step into the "zone-like" overstable approach discs and this thing is awesome! You can push flat and straight with reliable fade, or flex for extra distance! This thing just does what it should, feels good in the hand, and makes a funny whistling noise when you throw it

John Hill (Tennessee, United States)
It's an A2

It's a Prodigy A2. It's got some flashing and some beef. Scrape the disc on the sidewalk to get rid of the flashing. My disc is a little domier than I'd like. Not sure if all the F2s are that way or not. I'll likely shop for a flatter one.

Hasaan Muhammad (Oklahoma, United States)
Fast and easy!!!!

I ordered a disc and a zuca seat cushion they were shipped fast and arrived earlier than expected. Will buy again.

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